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Umbroll® blinds – the attractive classic

The blind, which is both modern and endearingly classic. The blinds adorn the glass surfaces with horizontal contours and shade almost in one motion.

The blinds are a traditional shade type, but still stand out in modern and classic-style homes. It is also recommended for offices, restaurants, hotels or guesthouses. It is a popular shade type for many people, which can also shield large glass surfaces and keep UV rays away.

Aluminium slats are generally long-lasting, do not fade and are suitable for use in wet environments as they do not mould. It gives interiors an attractive appearance, and adjusting the blades at different angles also allows you to control the inflow of light. The blinds are a practical, attractive and affordable shading tool.

Lamella colours:

There are many lamella colours to choose from if Umbroll blinds will be part of the interior. These include matte and glossy finishes and two-sided tinted versions. The range has been further expanded with some (shimmering) metallic colours, as well as a slightly different italic and stripe and perforated slats. You can view the swatches after clicking the button. below. Before ordering, it is recommended that you personally verify the true appearance of the selected colour, as the colour fidelity of the different electronic displays is generally inadequate. To see available colour schemes for our blinds, click the button below.

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