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Introducing the Umbroll® Day and Night Blind.

The Day and Night blind is perfectly adapted to the modern, minimalist interior. The blind that attracts all eyes.

The Day and Night blind attracts attention at first sight. It makes interiors more beautiful and modern with surprisingly high efficiency, be they private homes, shops or offices. The Day and Night blind creates a unique atmosphere and is also extremely decorative. A range of textiles and some innovative patterns are also available in the Umbroll range. The fabric repels dirt, so dust or handprints are almost unseen, and is also anti-fungal.

The lane-stopper does not have a run-off rail due to its operating characteristics or technical construction. Suitable for vertical surfaces. Although it is similar in many respects to the roll up blind, there are also some significant differences between them. The application of the lane blind is not intended to close the entire light. Unlike some roll up models, the blind allows some light even in the so-called closed state. It keeps prying eyes away. The principle of the lane blind can be observed in the video above.

As you can see in the video above, the textile is made up of vertically alternating light-tight and light-permeable bands, and the textile itself runs twice, one fixed to the structure and the other wrapped on an aluminum cylinder. During operation, the textile wrapped on the cylinder moves, thus closing or opening the lanes depending on the position. The lower part of the textile has an aluminium profile as a main part. The lane-cutting mechanism can be beaded or, depending on the type, motorized. In the latter case, different control electronics can be assigned to the engine. One of the great advantages of the Day and Night blind is that it can be installed in places where traditional curtains cannot be used. Depending on the type, it can be built on a sidewall, ceiling or window frame. In addition to being practical, it is also a practical, highly decorative and highly fashionable shading tool.

Day and Night blind types:

Micro zebra Day and Night blind:
Zebra S Day and Night blind:
Zebra M Day and Night blind:
Motorised Day and Night blind:

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