FREE STANDING AWNINGS are excellent for garden and restaurant terrace.

FREE STANDING AWNINGS are the shading family, which seems a little old-fashioned and even reminiscent of old times, has maintained its marketability to this day, especially with regard to the sun protection of the terraces and gardens of the catering establishments. The unique milieu it creates an atmosphere that many people want to enjoy even in their own homes. The size range of the shaded area varies widely depending on each type, so it is important to contact our technical support colleagues for all relevant details when requesting an offer.


Mobilizable, roll-off structure for gardens, terraces, 40×40 mm closed section with 1 m wide support bases, which can be fixed as needed. The angle of the tarpaulin surface is fixed. The roll levers do not obstruct traffic under the umbrella. Simple and practical.

Gastro Basic/Shadow

An elbow-arm structure built on a bridging travertine, with arms assigned to the Basic/Shadow awning. The height of the jumper depends on demand and awning overhang. A popular, good-looking solution with a protective roof and the necessary brackets.

Gastro Romantic

Within the type, this scissor-arm blind creates the characteristic antique effect that evokes old times. This particular atmosphere is one of its attractions. A strong structure capable of shielding a large area, for which motor operation is recommended.

Mini Party

It is filigree, like Butterfly, but it is not a roll-over, but an elbow-arm structure, which makes the transport height under the umbrella comfortable, and the angle of inclination of the tarpaulin surfaces is simple by adjusting the elbow arms. Easy-to-migrate device that can even be fastened to increase wind resistance.

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