The structured blinds are adapted to the “needs” of the building and protect it from strong sunlight as a shield.

It is now indispensable for the energy efficient operation of office buildings and industrial installations!

Large extruded and sedated profiles not only make up the decoration of the building, but also effectively protect the surfaces from warming. Outdoor giant lamellas or structural shielding structures are now an essential part of many buildings, as they save a significant part of the energy spent on air conditioning.

General features:


In the case of fixed blades, the blind does not require operation as appropriate. The angle of inclination of the blades can be pre-selected for certain types of fixed blades and freely adjustable within certain limits for movable motor blades. By installing a light sensor, the angle adjustment can even be made automatic if you have a movable lamelago shading.

Materials used:

Slats are always made of extruded aluminium. Some types of lamella do not require fasteners for installation, as their design allows quick fitting to the receiving bracket or support element. (Clips)

Structure colours:

Structures can be ordered in any colour on the RAL colour gamut.

Lamella (structural) shielding types:


fixed and movable wing shapes

More and more major architectural investments are counting on modern and highly efficient extruded winged blinds that can be requested in fixed or movable designs. They save energy and are especially effective on large surfaces. Horizontal and vertical installations are also possible.


fixed and movable blades

More and more architectural major investments are counting on modern and highly efficient extruded lamela blinds, which can be requested in a fixed design with the exception of the C lamella. They can be used to save energy and to be used efficiently on smaller and larger surfaces.

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