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Simplicity and ease of operation have made Roll Up Blind systems a classic favourite of shading technology.

Its secret lies in its wide range of usability. Suitable for all interior types, it can be used from classic interior design to minimalist, clean style. The Roll Up Blind can be used for both vertical and slanted surfaces. Its material can be light-tight, providing complete darkness, or light-permeable, allowing light to partially infiltrate. Our alu pigment-coated textiles effectively help to repel heat.

Different structures, mechanisms and textiles give you the opportunity to find the solution that best suits your home. The textile’s mood-creating ability allows it to be used in virtually any room. Pale pastel-coloured textiles give your home peace of mind, or if you prefer to dye with your shading, you can use brighter shades. The fabric repels dirt, so dust or handprints are almost unseen, and is also anti-fungal. It is also important from an energy saving point of view, as it can help to reduce your heating and cooling electrical bills. It is easy to operate, the textile is rolled up on an aluminium shaft with an aluminium profile at the bottom as a load. The moving mechanism can be spring-chain, beaded or motorized. In the latter case, different control electronics can be assigned to the engine. Its great advantage is that it can also be installed in places where traditional curtains cannot be used. It can be built on sidewalls, ceilings and slanted doors and windows.
Roll Up Blind is a practical, aesthetically pleasing, popular and cost-effective shading solution.

Types of Roll Up Blind:
Pearls chain:
Decorative roll up:
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