The vertical blind is still fashionable and practical lamela interior blind. It is quick and easy to install and operate. It consists of two main parts in terms of structure; from the carnies and slats. The mechanics of the curtain rail control the amount of light inlet by adjusting the vertical textile strips.

When closed, it ensures the intimacy of the room, or it can be pulled out completely to provide a free view. When pulling away, care must be taken to keep the blades in a position perpendicular to the longitudinal axis of the carnation, otherwise the wagons may become tight. It is also perfect for sharing spacious spaces, as it works well In large widths. The vertical blind can be mounted in a window opening, ceiling or sidewall, on a straight and oblique plane. It is easy to operate, optionally it can be manual or motorized. We are at the disposal of our customers with slats of different colours, materials, sizes and patterns!

Design weights:

Design weights that harmonize with the fabric of the curtains can further enhance the aesthetic experience, which can not be lacking in a well-designed interior. Design weights are possible for virtually any braid-operated blind. There are several types to choose from that suit your home’s furnishing style. For more information, please contact our partners.


We offer our customers a variety of colours and textures, light-permeable and light-tight blades. By sorting different blades into a pelmet, you can add vitality to your home. Most of the blades are UV-stable and impregnated, treated with a special dusting agent, making them less dirty.

We offer hundreds of different types, from different materials, different sizes, varied color schemes and patterns. The deformation of the slats is prevented by the weights attached to the bottom. 

Lamella collection modes: The amount of shading is easy to control, as the blades can be rotated nearly 180 degrees around a vertical axis or dragged horizontally as desired. In the event of a complete pull-away, the slats may be collected optionally for the operator, opposite, on both sides, in the middle or intermittently, or at an oblique with an oblique carnation.

Metal slats:

Represents a more modern, metallic, minimalist style in appearance. Its delimitation function is more pronounced and its light closure is almost complete. It is easy to clean, disinfect or antibacterial, allowing for a wide range of applications.

Flat lamella:

Slats form a “C” profile, with both convex and concave sides. Extruded plastic vertical blinds have a more aesthetically pleasing appearance than slats.

S lamella:

Its curved surface design shows regular waves, as if it were traditional curtain material – in perfect order.

Z lamella:

The angularly broken surface in the form of Z makes the surface to be shaded articulated, as if the shading was made up of micro slats.


The pelmets are white sedated drawn aluminum profiles. We offer four types of carnies: Standard, Slim, Blueline, Umbroll.

The different types represent generational shifts according to the evolution of fashion. The standard high-pelmet were followed by the low square slim type. The blueline type remained filigree, but replaced the harder edges with curved shapes.

The Umbroll pelmet features a decorative stripe in textile colour harmonies and an optionally built-in led line to ensure an even more aesthetically pleasing look. The use of vertical blinds is further enhanced by the fact that the pelmet profiles can be bent, whether they are bastion arches (horizontal arcs) or arches (vertical arcs). At an additional cost, the carnies can be repainted to any RAL colour. Find the right type for the room to be shaded.


The vertical blinds can be mounted in a window opening, ceiling or sidewall on a straight and slanted plane. The fastening is done by means of snaps, brackets (short, long) or hat profiles sunk into suspended ceilings.

A variety of solutions allow the tape curtain to be mounted on individual openings.

We also offer solutions for trapezoidal, triangular or curved windows.

A strip curtain stretched to shield slanted planes and skylights is suitable, with the lades being driven by a pelmet rail at the top and bottom.

Short fixing

Patent fixing

Long fixing


The vertical blind is very easy to operate, it can be done manually or electrically using the motor built into the carnies. There are two versions of manual operation of the cord and wand. The former is recommended for shading larger surfaces, while the latter is recommended for small, fast-moving gateways. For complete comfort, the ribbon curtain can be electrically controlled. With the help of the motor built on the carniel, you can adjust the position of the blades at the touch of a button. In the case of a wired system, you can operate your curtains from a switch or, in the case of a radio frequency motor, from a remote control.

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